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Mar 29 2018

Phantom Thread

The story of the movie "Phantom Thread" begins in London of the fifties of the last century. The country is in difficult post-war situation. Despite this, around the popular and incredibly popular Couturier named Reynolds Woodcock and his native sister Cyril focuses the Centre of the British fashion industry.

At the Couturier and his relatives all dress up the richest and most famous people of the country: movie stars, Royals, aristocrats, businessmen, the successor of the world's most influential families. Practically the whole world society comes into the House Following. Different women endless stream pass through the life of the Couturier. He does not think his job without them, after all, are the main source of inspiration for him. Despite this, himself a Couturier prefers to remain staunch Bachelor. Everything changes when he meets Almu, young and full of the spirit of the girl. Soon she is fixed in his life as a master lover and muse.

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