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Aug 22 2017

All Eyez on Me

He grew up in the American ghetto. He regularly broke the law and stints in prison. On his life attempted many times, but he survived even though bullets in his body. He has recorded numerous singles, which became iconic. He became one of the brightest and most famous representatives of the rap culture of 90's of XX century.

His life has always been full of scandals, crimes, blood, betrayal ... and music. He painted not the most beautiful musical pictures, but realistic. His real name with old means "Brilliant servant." Only he could while sitting in prison issue brilliant albums. Only his ashes could smoke marijuana with friends. It Is Tupac Shakur.

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Comments to the movie All Eyez on Me

  1. Steven Sigle
    0 23 Aug 2017 11:42
    The execution of this film is poor. His story deserves a better shot at being retold in the future.