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Nov 28 2017


Hot summer sixty-seventh year of the nineteenth century. Unfolding civil uprising in the city of Detroit, United States of America. Working people from the black quarter note a victorious return to native penates soldiers participating in the Vietnamese conflict. Drunken citizens expressed outrage over attempts by police to close a popular bar.

Former military begin to brawl with cops, which turns into gunfight of hard resistance. The conflict possessed an increasing number of people and gradually spreading through many city streets. Meetings occur randomly and escalate into armed clashes with law enforcement and terrible pogroms. The effects began from a small scuffle history shocked the entire continent. Detroit captured the brutal, bloody carnage. Metropolis was transformed into a military testing ground, soaked with innocent victims slaughtered and tears of their loved ones.

Five long days did not stop the insurgency. More than 40 people were killed, twelve hundred injured in a senseless slaughter. Military Chronicles from the fronts of World War II resembled the messages from the scene. More than two thousand buildings were destroyed. Like after the bombing, the streets turned into ruins. Every American has the right to bear arms is led to the development of terrible events. The population was on hand almost the same weapons, how many military.

Racial prejudice exacerbated the confrontation between blacks and whites. The nation was divided into two warring halves. The financial crisis has exacerbated the low status of African Americans in the country. Psychological stress on the verge of, attitude toward police malevolent aggressive. Patience offended power people is full, when the law is trying to close a favorite vacation spot of ordinary workers.

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