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Oct 28 2017


Event of a horror movie "IT" start to develop in the small provincial town, where almost nothing happens. But in this place suddenly appears a mysterious serial killer scare the locals. With inhuman cruelty, he kills all the children living in the district. Here and there find the blood-soaked body, shocking even experienced investigators. The police cannot establish the identity of the killer and the cause of the behaviour of the offender.

In the Centre of the story are seven teenagers confronted with a mysterious evil-monster, less fear, able to take different shapes and appearances. But more often it takes the image of a clown, wile kids with the balloons and multi-coloured pom-poms. Realizing that each of them faces mortal danger, kids are combined in order to find and destroy the monster. They will not rest until personally not sure that danger has passed. Despite all the obstacles, they are ready to go to the end.

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Comments to the movie It

  1. Duat T
    +2 2 Nov 2017 04:45
    Oooh I've been waiting for this! 
  2. Gigi Bell GigiBL
    +2 3 Nov 2017 23:54
    thank you been waiting for this <3
  3. Mystic Moon
    +1 13 Dec 2017 05:09
    Oh wow i didn't realize it was out... but wanting to see this with my mom then kinda forgot about it

    thanks! :)
  4. Luke Wilson Mr
    +1 29 Mar 2018 03:21
    I'm glad they remade this. Def think it stood out on its own against the original. Wasn't sure how I feel about it. But hands down worth watching. Stephen King is still the King of Horror.