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Nov 21 2017

Home Again

Kicking off a sneak preview of "Home Again" Viewer meets a divorced single mother who lives in Los Angeles. Once its life has been truly wonderful, and she had no problems. But now it is constantly confronted with the difficulties and trials of fate. She needs additional funds to be able to provide for themselves and their child. But the work is not so good, as it would like, and other opportunities to earn it.

During the celebration the next birthday at a local bar, the main character of the movie "Home Again" away from you right now without any restrictions can look online at our website, meets young guys genuinely enthusiastic cinema. They are desperate and looking for housing. Alice, having tried alcohol, invites them to stay with her for some time. She has no idea where that might lead. And when the next day she wakes up and realizes that new buddies don't kick out from home, decides to settle down and get used to a new way of life. Here it is not only that it will withdraw not only from their usual lives, but its comfortable.

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