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Nov 30 2017

The Foreigner

During the Vietnam war, Nguyen Ngo Min managed to first war on Vietnam and later on the American side. But after the victory of the Warrior-defector quickly calculated the judiciary and sent to prison. After the period, man together with his wife and daughters left for Hong Kong S.A.R.. The family plans to future happy life violate Thai pirates. With particular cruelty they straightened with senior daughters Mina: rape and then kill them. The father of an orphaned family miraculously manages to save the youngest daughter and wife and get to the UK. Settling in London, M opens a small Chinese restaurant.

Life is being established, and the man is enjoying a peaceful existence and happily watching matures and becomes a beauty of his youngest daughter. But two favorite women from Mina takes another terrible tragedy. During the attack, organized by the IRA, killed his wife and daughter. M lost everything. But at heart he is not even tears. They dried out from hatred and impotent malice. Seeing that the authorities and do not try to deal with terrorists, a former war veteran takes the only viable solution. He has nothing to lose, and it's going to take revenge on the perpetrators of death itself.

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