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Jun 1 2018

Every Day

In the Centre of the story, narrated by the authors of the film "Every Day", is 16-year-old girl named Riannona. Living a life that is no different from the life of its contemporaries, the heroine and has no idea that soon put an unusual gift for her fate.

Events begin to unfold at a time when it is faced with the incorporeal spirit, able to move in the bodies of other people. Posing as a, he strikes her with his rich inner world. Together, they spend a lot of time, and after some time Riannona understands that love to the ghost. To be together every day and possessing the bodies of many different people. He paid no attention to the age, gender, religion, physical appearance and political conviction of the person. He only wants to be with his lover. Every day Riannona sees her lover in a variety of manners. Knowing his secret, she tries to find a way to stay with him forever. But the more time passes, the closer the heroine turns face hard decisions it will take.

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