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May 22 2018


Elaine Markinson of those people who always get what they want. She is easily successful, and only the most intelligent and serious people work for her. Thanks to this, she manages to always bypass her competitors.

In the center of the plot of the film "Gringo" is a humble businessman named Harold Sojinka. He leads a small business in Mexico and collaborates with Elaine. But does he know that she's a dangerous game? Quite accidentally Harold becomes known for a unique formula that can bring millions. At the same time it turns out that it is hunted by the whole world. Trying to earn on this, he decides to stage his abduction to demand the management of the company a large ransom. But Harold did not think of the fact that the corporation needs it dead, not alive. In an instant, the protagonist becomes the most wanted man on the planet. He will have to make the way from abiding citizen to the criminal.

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