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Jun 12 2018

Incident in a Ghost Land

The events of the horror film "Incident in a Ghost Land" begin to unfold at a time when Colleen becomes the heir to the big House of his deceased aunt. She takes with her faith and Beth, her daughters, to go to her new place of residence. Colleen settles all the paperwork and settled in the house. Together with her children, she anticipates a new life, but still does not know that fate prepared her a deadly test.

On the very first night, dangerous criminals penetrate the house. They're ready to kill Colleen and her kids. So she has to start a desperate battle for the lives of those who are truly dear to her. They manage to survive, but the tragedy truly traumatic the psyche of each family member. The Sisters experience intense stress and anxiety. And after this nightmare, the night is at a time. Faith finds itself in a state of depression and constant paranoia. And at this time, Beth begins the way of the writer in the genre of horror. And soon it becomes a real success. Sixteen years later, the family reunited in the house. And again, strange events begin to happen.

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